Neuropsychological Testing

We provide comprehensive Neuropsychological evaluations for children, adolescents and adults. Our clinical testing and assessment includes a thorough evaluation of cognitive functioning, including intellectual ability, memory, processing speed, attention, executive functioning and social cognition.

Adult Neuropsychological Services

On the day of evaluation, Dr. Skowronski will meet with you to discuss the reasons for the testing. She will discuss any data gathered prior to the session, as well as your concerns. She will determine the most appropriate test. The testing may extend to the entire day. At the conclusion of the testing, Dr. Skowronski will meet and review the testing and give initial impressions. A written report will be generated and sent upon its completion.

Pediatric Neuropsychological Services

Dr. Skowronski will meet with the parent(s) at the beginning of the evaluation to discuss the data gathered prior to the session, as well as current concerns. Then she will determine which test battery will be most appropriate. While most assessments can be completed during the scheduled time, occasionally additional time is required. Each child’s needs will be considered when determining the need for additional information and the length of the assessment.

Our goal is to provide the child with a positive experience while striving to gather meaningful information about their functioning.

On a later date, a follow-up session will be scheduled to discuss the test results and recommendations with the parents. Should the child wish to discuss their testing results with Dr. Skowronski, a separate time can be arranged. A written report will be generated and sent.